How To Stay Financially Motivated In 2021

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Here we are almost to the end of 2020…can I get an A-freaking-MEN!

This year has been a year full of ups and downs. We started off the year living paycheck to paycheck, trying to pay off all of our debt. And today, we are ending the year debt-free (except for our mortgage) with almost a fully-funded emergency savings. 

We are truly blessed, considering everything going on this year. But to be honest, it’s been tough to stay motivated about saving money these past couple of months. We are feeling, like most people right now, fatigued with the year 2020.

So, I sat down and wrote out the 8 tips to get us refocused and remotivated for the year 2021. So, if you’re struggling a bit right now, keep reading to find out how to get your financial mojo back and how to stay financially motivated for the New Year.

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Tip #1: Find your “Why”

To be financially motivated, you need to figure out why you want to do this in the first place. Why do you want to be debt-free and financially secure? What is the “why” that is going to keep you going?  

I recently attended an event where I listened to the founder of It Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima, speak. She spoke about how your “why” has to be so deep that it keeps you going even through failure.  

This speech resonated with me. Although Jamie was coming from a business perspective, the same thought can be applied to our financial lives.  

Choosing to live debt-free isn’t for the faint of heart. I’m not going to lie…it sucks sometimes. Therefore, your why has to be so profound that it keeps you going, even through the suckiness.   

how to stay financially motivated

Tip #2: Make a plan

You have to have a plan of attack for paying off debt, saving, and building wealth. Create a plan to stay financially motivated by following these four steps.

1. Set financial goals

Goals are really what keeps us going through life, right? So, write down a list of your short and long-term financial goals. Make them as specific as you can.

2. Break the bigger goals down

After you have your goals, break them down into micro-goals. This way, you start to develop a plan of how to reach those bigger goals.

For example, if you have a credit card with $2,000 to pay off, break it down into $200 increments. This way, you are hitting those smaller goals and seeing progress.

3. Set a realistic timeline

Make sure your timeline is realistic. If your setting goals with an unrealistic timeline, you will most likely lose motivation and fail.

4. Track your progress

Every month during your budget meeting, make sure to do a progress check. Discuss the progress you have made towards the goals you have set.   

Tip #3: Dream

Goals are essential, but dreaming is equally important for staying financially motivated. Thinking about the future and the endless opportunities you will have because you built wealth can be really motivating.

For us, dreams are the future goals that we don’t have a plan or timeline for. Therefore, during every budget meeting, we talk about our dreams for the future. It really inspires us to keep moving forward towards the finish line.

Tip #4: Make room for fun

If you don’t make room in your budget for a little fun, you will probably burn out and lose that motivation. Working an extra job or hours and hustling your way out of debt is exhausting.

After we paid off all our debt, we loosened our budget a bit and included something fun to do as a family or eating out a meal or two. We also started a running list of things we want, and we budget them in as we can every once in a while.

Tip #5: Celebrate

As a family, plan celebrations throughout your journey. Whether you’re paying off debt, saving your emergency fund, or paying off your house-celebrate all the milestones you hit.

Not only is it fun for the family to plan and celebrate, but it keeps you financially motivated along the way. Just make sure you start a sinking fund (if needed) and put those celebrations in your budget.

how to stay financially motivated

Tip #6: Visuals

Visuals are a great way to stay focused and motivated. Here are some ways you can use visuals to keep you motivated along the way.  

  • Goal-oriented sticky notes
  • Debt-free vision board
  • Printable coloring sheets
  • Savings jar with beads, marbles, or candy
  • Garland paper chains

I like to have my goals listed where I can see them multiple times a day.  

Tip #7: Change things up

If something is not working for you, change it. What works for one person may not work for someone else.

Personally, we have made several changes to how we track our spending so far throughout our journey. We started with cash envelopes, but it just wasn’t realistic for our family. We then tried paper tracking and now have moved on to tracking on a whiteboard.

Simple changes to the way you do things can really make a huge impact.

Tip #8: Find your tribe

To stay financially motivated, you have to surround yourself with like-minded people. No support and unsupportive people can really affect your motivation negatively.

You will find that many people are not going to be as excited as you are…and that’s ok. Do not let others drag you down, and don’t make excuses for wanting financial security.

Find your tribe of supportive people, even if it’s just one person. With the many social media platforms, it’s easy to find a group of like-minded people.

Remember don’t surround yourself with one cent minds!

When you have a million dollar vision, don’t surround yourself with one cent minds.



The road to financial freedom is not an easy one, and lack of motivation is something we all will struggle with at times.

Just know that you’re not alone.

And if you practice these tips to refocus and find the inspiration you need, you’ll be back to budgeting and building wealth like a badass!

Are you struggling with financial motivation? I would love to hear your tips for staying financially motivated!

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