Selling on Poshmark For Beginners: An Easy Guide To Selling Your Clothes For Extra Cash

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If you’re in the process of trying to pay down your debt or saving for an emergency fund, a great way to make extra money is selling on Poshmark. We all have unwanted clutter that we need to get rid of, so why not make some extra cash while getting rid of it!

Traditional methods like yard sales or consignment shops are great. But, selling apps like Poshmark, eBay, and Mercari are becoming more popular. And from my experience, you can make more with selling online rather than the traditional ways.    

Selling on Posmark is relatively easy, but there are a couple basic steps and tips that will help you sell your items quicker so you can make the extra cash you need. So let’s get started! 

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What is Poshmark and how does it work?

Poshmark is a social selling community where you can buy and sell your preloved fashion, beauty and wellness products, and home goods. They offer a user-friendly app that makes it really quick and easy to list and sell items you no longer want.

Money-Saving Tip:  Not only is Poshmark a great app to sell on, but it’s also an awesome place to get great deals and save a ton of money on quality brands. So, if you don’t have a Poshmark account, make sure to use my invite code (ashleysarmoire) and get $10 off your first purchase when you sign up!

selling on poshmark

How much does it cost to sell on Poshmark?

There is no fee to list on Poshmark. But, there is a small seller’s fee when your items sell. For anything under $15, it’s a flat $2.95 fee, and anything over $15 is a 20% fee. This fee is automatically taken out from the sale of your item.

How to start selling on Poshmark

Inspect your items

First, you want to thoroughly inspect your clothing. Make sure there are no stains, holes, or weird smells. Be sure to wash and iron/steam your pieces so that they photograph nicely.  

Pro Tip: For any hard-to-get-out stains, this spot remover is AMAZING and gets out pretty much every stain!


You’ll want to find a well-lit area of your house (usually near a window) to photograph your items. 

Most people start out by laying the item flat on a cheap backdrop (like this one) or using a command hook on a white or neutral colored wall.  

selling on poshmark
selling on poshmark
selling on poshmark

Then, take several photos (front, back, size tag, fabric label, measurements, etc.) You want the buyer to have confidence in what they’re buying. Make sure to take pictures of any imperfections or alterations so that you won’t have any issues when the buyer receives the item.  

selling on poshmark
selling on poshmark
selling on poshmark

It also helps to “model” the clothing so that the buyer can see how the items look on. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can always get someone else to or purchase a mannequin for the same effect.

Pick your price

Next, you’ll want to do some research to figure out how much to sell your item for. Don’t skip this part because you could price too high, causing your item to not sell or miss out on extra money if you price too low.  

To find the right price, you search similar brand items that have sold in recent times. 

To do this, you search the brand, style name or number (if you know it), and the category (skirt, dress, jeans, etc.) and then filter out the availability to sold. This will give you all the similar items that have sold and the price they sold for.  

selling on poshmark

Then, you can pick the best price compared to the range of prices of sold items.  

List your item

The last thing you have to do is list your item, which is quick and super easy. 

You just add the pictures you took, fill out the price, and add a title with a brief description of your piece (including imperfections, alterations, and measurements).

The most important thing you need to know about listing on Poshmark is using keywords in your title. Using keywords like the brand, style name, category (skirt, jeans, shoes), market (men, women, kids), size, and descriptive words (color, material, etc.) will help people find what they are looking for. Make sure to fill in as many keywords as you can because this increases your item’s searchability.

selling on poshmark

For example, instead of listing these as black leather flats, I listed them as Vionic (brand), Delilah (style name), Black Leather (descriptive words), Mary Jane Flats (category), Sz 10 (size).

After you have loaded your title with keywords, uploaded great photos, and a brief detailed description, you’re all set to submit…and wait for a sale!   

What happens when I make a sale?

When you make a sale, you have 7 days to ship your item. Many people wonder who pays for shipping? The great thing about Poshmark is that the buyer pays for USPS Priority shipping! This means you can order FREE USPS Priority boxes and envelopes (including flat-rate).

I find that you don’t have to go crazy with decorative bags and extra goodies with your items. After all, your trying to make money…not give it away! But, you do want your item presented to the buyer nicely.  

Therefore, I wrap my item in white tissue paper (that I get in bulk) and throw in a printed thank you card. Other than that, I focus on shipping my items as fast as I can because that is what gets the most positive feedback.

selling on poshmark

What about returns on Poshmark?

All sales on Poshmark are final. The buyer may open a case if they did not receive their item or if the item they receive is not as described. In this case, Poshmark will request additional details and photos from the buyer and approve a return if it’s warranted.

Selling on Poshmark tips

There are several essential tips every Posher should be doing to increase the chance of a sale.


The best way to sell the pieces in your closet is to share them. Share your own closet often, at least daily. Also, make sure to share your clothes on your social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) to increase your closet views.

Next, share other’s people’s items and closets. Remember, Poshmark is a social selling app. Poshers return the favor when you share their pieces, which exposes your items to a new audience.  

Lastly, join in and share to the Posh Parties. When you share your stuff to the Posh Parties, it opens your closet to a whole new group of people…which increases the chance of a sale.


The more followers you have, the bigger audience you’ll have looking at your clothing and closet.  

To gain followers, you need to follow other people’s closets and, more specifically, follow the Posh Ambassadors (they have a much bigger following to share with).  

selling on poshmark


If someone likes your item or adds a piece to a bundle, make sure to send them an offer. Sending an offer with a discounted shipping rate gives the buyer incentive to purchase from you.

Also, take advantage of the closet clear-out days. By dropping your prices by 10%, Poshmark will notify all your likers of the price drop and offer discounted shipping on them (which puts more money in your pocket).  

Lastly, make a deal days give you the incentive to make offers. Sellers get entered into a drawing for $100 cash prizes hourly and a grand prize of $1000. All you have to do is send an offer to your likers and get entered into the drawing (each offer is an additional entry).  


Selling your unwanted clutter is a great way to get a head start saving for an emergency fund or paying off a chunk of debt. Poshmark is one of my favorite apps to make extra money.

But, selling on Poshmark as a beginner can be intimidating. If you follow these tips for selling, you’ll be decluttering your closet for cash in no time!

And if you’re interested in turning reselling into a side hustle, I will be doing a follow-up post soon on how to get started. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to get all the latest posts!

4 thoughts on “Selling on Poshmark For Beginners: An Easy Guide To Selling Your Clothes For Extra Cash”

  1. I loved that you said that you can do your research in order to determine how much you can sell the item for. My husband and I are planning to sell the old clothes of our two children. We are moving out, and we don’t want to bring all the boxes of clothes that we have in the basement. We will surely do your tips and find a consignement shop to get help in selling them.

    1. I’m glad you found my tips helpful! Although I love eBay and Poshmark for selling, it can be time consuming. Consignment is so much easier. We have a huge consignment sale near us twice a year, and I usually sell my kids stuff there. It’s really my favorite way to get rid of toys and all kid things. All I do is get everything ready on hangers, pick a price, and drop it off. They do the selling or me and I pick up the check when the weekends over. I would also recommend looking into something like this too!

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