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save money on cable tv

9+ Alternatives That Will Save Money On Cable TV

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If you’re trying to squeeze extra money out of your monthly budget, cutting your cable could be a great way to start.

Before canceling our cable a couple years ago, we were paying around $1800 per year for it. The crazy thing is, we only watched a handful of channels. It was a complete waste of money!

So, when money got tight, it was the perfect time to cut the cord and save money on cable tv. That $1800 was really made a difference when we decided to start paying off our debt.

Therefore, today I am sharing my nine (plus some extra) favorite alternatives that are better than cable tv and have saved us thousands over the past couple of years.

Disclaimer:  This post may contain affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost, if you purchase using the links below. Please see my earnings disclaimer for more details.

What you’ll need to cancel cable

First things first, you’ll need a streaming device (gaming system, Roku, firestick, smart tv, device, etc.) to watch tv and movies without cable.  

Next, figure out what you like about your cable. Most likely, you don’t watch every cable channel. So, pick your favorites to determine what subscriptions you may want to pay for (if any).

Now, onto the subscriptions that helped us save money on cable tv…

Free alternatives that will save money on cable tv

First, let’s talk about the free subscriptions that we use because free fits everybody’s budget!  


IMBD tv is an ad-supported streaming channel owned by Amazon that’s free. It has tons of shows and movies you can easily watch online or through an app on the Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick.

Pluto tv

Pluto TV has 250 channels of free tv and on-demand shows and movies. They have something for everyone, and I especially love their niche-specific channels such as Baywatch, 90210, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more. It really keeps our family entertained.

cable tv save money on cable tv


Tubi is the newest addition to our tv apps. It’s another ad-supported streaming channel, similar to the others…but better.  

It has over 20,000 movies and tv shows to suit everybody. Their “Nostalgia TV” category is really cool, and they even have a “Not On Netflix” category. Tubi kids has a ton of great kids shows and movies too (Scooby-Doo, Flintstones, and more)!

Peacock tv

Peacock TV by NBCUniversal offers a ton of free shows and movies (with the option to upgrade). It’s now home to The Office and Parks and Rec which makes me so happy! Because, to be honest, I was distraught when they left Netflix…so all is now right in the world again!

A couple more free options…

Cheap alternatives that will save money on cable tv

There are tons of subscription streaming services out there, and it’s so tempting to get all of them because each one seems to have something different. But, be careful because they add up, and before you know it, you may be spending just as much as you were with your cable company.

Here is what we subscribe to and some other options as well.


Unless you have been living under a rock, Netflix is a really great alternative to cable. It’s my absolute favorite!!

It has come a loooong way from when I first subscribed…you know when they mailed you the DVDs on your wishlist.

Not only do they have tv favorites, movies, and the BEST documentaries, their Netflix originals are pretty great!

I spend $17.99 a month and have access to all the goods. I can stream it on up to 4 devices at this price, making everyone in my house happy! But, there are cheaper plans fitting everyone’s budget (you can check them out here).

Disney +

Like everyone on the planet, I grew up with Disney movies. So, when Disney launched their streaming service…I had to have it!  

They have all the Disney movies, old and new that the whole family will love. Plus, all the Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic your little heart desires! All this for just $7.99 a month…not bad, right?  

save money on cable tv


Hulu is another favorite of mine. They have a library of thousands of tv shows and movies, plus Hulu originals like the Handmaid’s Tale and more.  

If you’re a tv enthusiast, Hulu offers live tv with over 75 top channels for $64.99, which is still a bit cheaper than most cable providers.

You can also bundle Hulu with Disney+ and ESPN for $13.99, which is an awesome deal!

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Video is another awesome streaming service, and if you have Prime…it’s FREE! Like Netflix, they offer popular tv shows, movies, and their own Amazon original tv shows and movies.  

Amazon Video also gives you the ability to rent or buy tv shows and movies if you don’t have a cable subscription.

Make sure to get your 30-day FREE trial of Amazon Prime (if you don’t already subscribe)!

A couple more subscription services…

  • Philo
  • Sling TV
  • Paramount +
  • HBO Max
  • Discovery +


The average household spends $217 a month on cable, according to Decision Data. That’s $2604 a year…on cable! Imagine having that to pay off debt or save!

That could be a game changer!

And with all the alternatives (free and paid), there is no reason for you not to cancel your cable.

So, make sure to find some alternatives that fit your needs and save money on cable tv by cutting the cord!

I’d love to hear if you have canceled your cable. Do you miss it? How much are you saving?

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